This license is for SMALL BUSINESSES who wish to use my original clip art images to create and sell your own physical products. Products include but are not limited to: physical or manufactured items (art prints, cards, stickers, t-shirts, mugs,transfers, etc.), logos/marketing material, websites/blog templates, and anything you will be SELLING.

• This license is for credit free commercial use of one Or all listings (DIGITAL) in my shop depending which one you buy. You can print/sell up to 500 units. Once limit has be reach please repurchase design.

• This license does not include the actual artwork. You must purchase the artwork separately.

• You are prohibited from reselling the artwork as-is. The artwork must not be incorporated into a new design and called your own either.

• In the Note To Seller section at checkout, please write your business or company name.

• No physical items or document will be sent to you. Your receipt of this purchase confirms right for commercial use, up to 200 units sold. Please keep a copy of this receipt for your records.

• Copyright of art does not transfer with this license. All copyrights and ownership of images and designs remains with Tia Feagins at Simply Smooth Designs at all times.

(Please Note: coupon codes are NOT available for use on any license purchase. This listing must be purchased at full price ($10) for one listing. ($50) for all listings, to be considered valid.)

Please contact me with any additional questions!

Nothing will be received. Proof of purchase is all that is needed.